We create games on top of our in-house developed engine called AE Engine. It’s built on top of SDL and Lua. The game logic is coded in Lua which is an efficient scripting language and lets you write less and do more. SDL in turn provides unified interface over various platforms. AE Engine supports Android™ and iOS. Combining Lua and SDL gives possibility to run the same code on different platforms.

The engine comes up with a simulator which runs natively on your desktop or laptop. The simulator speeds up development as it runs directly from the game code you’re currently working on. This approach saves the time necessary to build a package, upload it to a real device and then run it.

The engine features plugin architecture. Adding functionality is just as easy as adding couple of lines of code. We already have a number of plugins which for example integrate the engine with advert and analytics SDKs.

We’ve gone even further and started to develop an IDE called AE Studio which in general aims to boost game development. It features a Lua editor with autocompletion and outline, Lua source navigation and on-the-fly compilation to have an opportunity to fix errors before running. AE Studio has a lot of more features (including debugger and layout viewer) which we will be successively describing in our blog.